Our Team

Aqeeq Al-Janoob Company management team is one of the main pillars of its success, continued growth and epansion.

Most of the members have been with the company for over years. Dedication, expertise, professionalism and commitement are the main drivers of the management policy.

  • Consistency, clarity and steadiness of purpose are cornerstones of our performance. We inspire through leadership the same principles to the new generation of staff joining the company.
  • We will always seek to innovate, to upgrade our capabilities and to meet new challenges. Our mission is to treasure our rich heritage and transcend to new limits.
  • Aqeeq Al-Janoob Company has its own work forces to perform the majority of work. We have available sufficient heavy equipment to perform all utility and the site development work for the typical construction project. With respect to building construction, our own work forces have the ability to perform all earth work, concrete work, carpentry, drywall and other works, related to our services. Our team has also specialists in installation of specialty products, equipment and heavy machinery mechanics, as well as catering specialists. It is our philosophy that we are better able to manage the construction process, affect efficient construction costs and maintain and expedite the construction schedule by performing large portions of the work with our own equipment and personnel.

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