Company's Policy

Aqeeq Al-Janoob is committed to its duties to comply with the health, safety and Environment requirements in accordance with the International regulations, and shall take the responsibility and practicable steps to eliminate or minimize the minimum injuries, occupational illness, and property damage and environment conservation.

  • Policy Statement
    In keeping with the Code of Business Ethics and Professional Conduct Policy, Aqeeq Al-Janoob operates with a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery or any other form of corruption in its practices and Violation of environmental rights and safety, as well as occupational safety.
  • Purpose
    The purpose of this policy is to give very clear guidelines on what constitutes bribery, and to distinguish bribery from accepted business practices for the promotion of Aqeeq Al-Janoob.
  • Scope
    This policy applies to all officers and employees, temporary employees, agents, sub-contractors or sub-consultants of Aqeeq Al-Janoob whether employed in the parent company, branch office, subsidiary, joint venture or any other entity to which Aqeeq Al-Janoob belongs or is engaged.
  • Responsibility
    The Board of Directors holds primary responsibility for implementing this policy and for reporting on its compliance to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors nominates the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to be the care-taker of this policy, who in turn has delegated the responsibilities of managing compliance with this policy to Aqeeq Al-Janoob ’s Compliance Officer.

    With the assistance of Aqeeq Al-Janoob ’s Compliance Officer, all offices of Aqeeq Al-Janoob and its subsidiaries must establish appropriate mechanisms and procedures within their operations to prevent, detect, investigate and report any violations of Aqeeq Al-Janoob’s Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy.