QC Programs

The Management of Aqeeq Al-Janoob Company is committed to the prevention of accidents, equipments and material damage, as well as the protection of health and environment by adhering to the following convictions:

  • Wide-spread awareness of health, safety and environmental programs.
  • The implementation of the “On- site safety rules and regulations” as defined and documented in our safety plan.
  • Compliance with the safety regulations as stipulated in contracts.
  • Reporting and documentation of any accident resulting in personal injury and/or damage to equipment and materials.
  • Monthly reporting on total man-hours versus lost time accidents. A safety plan is prepared accordingly to ensure strict adherence to the contracts as well as fire & safety regulations.

QMS & QA-QC Plans

Implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) helps improve the way operations are run and enhances efficiency and profitability. Furthermore, it can help in overcoming market barriers.

The purpose of applying the Quality Management Procedure at Aqeeq Al-Janoob Company is to identify the responsibilities and to define the management’s innovative approach for improvement in the performance of all member companies of the Group.

The Quality Management System document addresses the requirement for Management Responsibility in accordance with Aqeeq Al-Janoob Company internal organization. This is prepared to ensure that the elements needed to monitor continuous improvement on the performance of the company’s Quality Management System are in place and applied at all our projects by staff members who are specialized in application and auditing.

Our Company quality objectives are to complete projects in accordance with the agreed programme, specification and cost, to the highest standards of quality and efficiency whilst ensuring that statutory and regulatory requirements are complied with and client expectations are met.

Our Company is fully committed to the Quality Management System and its continued improvement, and has assigned responsibility in this regard to the Managing Personnel, whose duties include ensuring that Management Review meetings are held at regular intervals to review the system’s effective operation and development.

The Company’s Quality Management System conforms to the requirements of ISO. It is subject to regular examination and assessment by an independent certification authority, which ensures a process of constant evaluation and improvement. Our Company also conforms to Environment Management System (ISO) and Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS). This benefits our Clients and how we conduct our business, while enhancing the standing of Our Company in the construction industry.

Ensuring the safety of every employee Our Company first duty is to ensure the occupational health and safety of its employees. Company’s objective is to achieve zero accidents at our worksites and corporate sites. This objective applies to Our Company employees, temporary employees and subcontractor employees alike. Safety training is provided to all company employees, which help to ensure that every employee becomes actively involved in preventing accidents in his or her day-to-day behaviour. Management at all levels is closely involved in overseeing, implementing and monitoring safety policies.